Quantum Error Will be the First Game in a Trilogy, Developer Reveals

quantum error

We’ve been hearing about Quantum Error for a while now, but it seems it’s finally approaching the finish line and edging closer and closer to launch. Not long after announcing that the game had gone gold, TeamKill Media recently also revealed a November release date for the cosmic horror shooter. And as it turns out, that’s only going to be the beginning of the story the developer is looking to tell.

Responding to a fan’s question on Twitter about the future of the Quantum Error IP, TeamKill Media revealed that the upcoming shooter is going to be the first instalment in a trilogy. In addition, the developer also has four additional games planned on top of the trilogy- so clearly, TeamKill Media is going to be plenty busy in the coming years.

“Everyone will be seeing a lot from us for a long, long time,” the developer wrote.

Of course, the hope for TeamKill Media will be that Quantum Error garners enough critical and commercial success to warrant follow-ups, but if things do go the way the developer is hoping, we can concretely also expect sequels down the line.

Quantum Error launches on November 3 for PS5. PC and Xbox Series X/S versions are also in the works, but don’t yet have release dates.

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