Quantum Error Will Launch Later on Xbox Series X/S Due to “Slower” SSD

quantum error

TeamKill Media has been talking up its cosmic horror shooter Quantum Error for some time now, with the game showing plenty of promise in its showing so far, but how long are we going to have to wait before the game is out and in our hands? The answer, according to the developer, will vary depending on what platform you intend to play on.

Earlier this year, the developer confirmed that Quantum Error was targeting a 2023 launch and that its development was close to completion. Taking recently to Twitter, the studio reiterated that, saying that development is “pretty much done at this point” and that the project is “a hair away from going gold”. TeamKill Media says we will be hearing more about the game “very soon”.

That said, those on Xbox Series X/S will be waiting a little longer. In a separate tweet, the developer stated once again that Quantum Error will launch on Xbox Series X/S a little later than it will on PS5 and PC, due to the game being built with the PS5’s SSD in mind, and the Xbox Series X/S having an SSD that’s “quite a bit slower”.

“We have started looking into optimizing the game for Xbox, but it is definitely going to take a bit of time unfortunately,” the developer wrote. “QE has been made to be played with the PS5’s extremely fast SSD, the Xbox SSD is quite a bit slower and so we are going to have to change things quite a bit to make up for that difference in speed.”

A PS4 version of Quantum Error is also in development, though that, too, will arrive at a later date following its initial launch on PS5 and PC.

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