Red Dead Redemption Receives New PS4 and Nintendo Switch Screenshots

Red Dead Redemption - PS4_05

After months of rumors, Rockstar Games announced that Red Dead Redemption is re-releasing for PS4 and Nintendo Switch on August 17th (with a physical release on October 13th). Retailing for $49.99 and handled by Double Eleven Studios, it features support for new languages like Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, and more.

Along with a new trailer, Rockstar has released screenshots for both versions. Check them out below and compare them to the original game here. There are some visual improvements, but it’s not a major jump in fidelity. The release will include the base game and the Undead Nightmare expansion for $49.99.

Red Dead Redemption is backwards compatible on PS5 for those who pick it up on PS4. However, Rockstar hasn’t confirmed native versions for the current-gen console or Xbox Series X/S (which can play the Xbox 360 version through backward compatibility). There also isn’t any news about a PC version. Never say never, so stay tuned in the future for more announcements.

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