Remnant 2 – N’Erud Enemies, Bosses and More Showcased, in Extensive New Gameplay

Remnant 2 - N'Erud

Following the release of a new trailer showcasing Remnant 2’s final Archetype, the Hunter, some extensive gameplay footage is available for one of the new worlds. N’Erud is a massive construct which the Drzyr used to traverse the universe, but after venturing through a supermassive black hole, things went wrong. Check out the roughly 38 minutes of footage from IGN below.

While much of the populace has been turned into “incorporeal entities” (seen at one point attacking a player), the gameplay sees the team mostly battling flying drones and alien creatures. The Hunter’s ability to Mark enemies through walls comes in clutch, though the Regenerator boss can be tanky.

The Primogenitor is more interesting since it’s a small creature that hops from one body to another. Overall, N’Erud looks compelling, with the showcased levels feeling appropriately large and creepy. Remnant 2 is out on July 25th for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC, so stay tuned for more information.

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