Sea of Thieves is Getting Player Guilds, PvE Servers With Season 10

sea of thieves season 10

Developer Rare has revealed more details about the upcoming tenth season for Sea of Thieves. One of the biggest new features coming to the game when season ten hits on October 19 is the ability to form player-created guilds. Check out a preview of Sea of Thieves: Season 10 below.

Guilds can allow up to 24 players to sail under a single banner. Players in a guild can sail on each others’ pledged ships, even when the ship’s owner might be offline. There will also be a new shared Guild Reputation that can be leveled up by players working together, unlocking new rewards in the process.

The second major feature coming to Sea of Thieves with the update will be the addition of PvE servers. This will allow players that aren’t interested in the PvP side of Sea of Thieves to ignore that aspect of the game entirely, with the tradeoff being that rewards from completing voyages will be considerably reduced.

Season 10 of Sea of Thieves is slated to get a whole host of other content, including a competitive world event dubbed the Skull of Siren Song which will pit all pirate crews on a regular server against each other.

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