Starfield’s Biggest Update Yet is Out This Month With Over 100 Fixes


The biggest update for Bethesda Game Studios’ Starfield will be entering the Steam beta branch on January 17th and promises over 100 fixes and improvements. It’s planned to go live for all players on January 31st, but what can you expect?

For starters, there are fixes for quests, like Eye of the Storm and Into the Unknown. There are also improvements to stability, textures, lighting and shadows (with a “Before/After” comparison below), and more widescreen support. Players can also expect sun disk geometry and planet ring shadows to improve while other bugs, like ship hatches marked as inaccessible, are being fixed.

Stay tuned for next week, with the full update notes available with the beta. Starfield is available for Xbox Series X/S and PC. Check out our review here. Regular updates will start going live in February, with the development team working on new ship decorations, ship-building options, gameplay options (like adjusting vendor credits and carrying capacity), and more.

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