Street Fighter 6 Guide – How To Do Continuous Special Moves

Street Fighter 6_10

Street Fighter continues its tradition of special moves and combos in Street Fighter 6. Target combos or chain cancels are move sets that are pre-baked into the game, and these command lists can be viewed in-game for each character. A new combo system, however, allows for players to chain simple moves with perfectly and precisely timed button presses into a much more dynamic combo moveset entirely of their own design.

This combo system in SF6 does not cancel moves but links them together. As each successive attack button is pressed it is effectively chained into a combo. The timing between presses is what determines the nature of the combo.

  • It would be best to start small, with the absolute simplest two strike combo of your chosen character. Not all attacks can be chained together, so discovering and determining which ones do and do not, as well as the timing between them will be your first step.
  • Step two would be lengthening your combo by figuring out which additional attack can be linked at the tail end, as well as the required timing, and so on and so forth, practicing the sequence to perfection.
  • Once you have four moves chained, find a fifth move that can be tacked on the end, but do not proceed with the full five step combo. Instead, focus on finding the next three successive moves, and practice that sub-chain till you have the timing down perfectly. And then the next set of four and so on, to your satisfaction. This will help ease the frustration over failure in the middle of long combos, as well as letting you practice the latter portions of custom combos, just as much as the earlier segments.
  • Training mode is invaluable for practicing your timing across the board. It can also help determine the right character for you, as opposed to what the current meta is in the competitive scene.
  • Do not hesitate to try out lesser known characters. The entire premise of the new combo system is to allow any character the potential to be a breakout competitor, based solely on the player’s own imagination and skill, as well their opponent’s inability to always anticipate and counter incoming attacks based on game knowledge.

That is everything to know about the chain and link combo move system in Street Fighter 6.

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