Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Has Story Replay, End-Game is Playable Solo

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League_05

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League entered early access today for Deluxe Edition owners, and servers promptly went down for maintenance due to an issue that auto-completed the story for players. In the meantime, Rocksteady confirmed that Story Replay is available at launch.

Summarizing the developer’s recent Discord Q&A on Reddit, community manager Darroch Brown revealed the story missions are replayable after finishing the campaign. There are five Metropolis Invasion Levels for the same, which up the difficulty but provide “greater rewards.” It’s nothing new for looter shooters, but its inclusion is appreciated.

Brown also confirmed that end-game content, from missions to bosses, is playable solo. He reiterated the Social Squad feature for providing AI companions with a loadout from another player, be it a top player on the leaderboard or friends when they’re offline. The latter is rewarded for people using their build, though it’s unknown what that entails.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League launches worldwide for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC on February 2nd. Head here for more details on the game, including its end-game activities and post-launch plans.

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