Super Mario Party Jamboree’s File Size is 6.5 GB

super mario party jamboree

Not many would have predicted that Nintendo would release a third, full-fledged Mario Party game for the Switch, though that is exactly what the company did at its recent Nintendo Direct presentation, unveiling Super Mario Party Jamboree, a game that many would have expected to be saved for the next Nintendo console.

Now, the game’s Switch eShop page has also gone up, which means not only is it available for digital pre-orders, details have also emerged on its file size. As per its official listing, Super Mario Party Jamboree will require 6.5 GB of free storage. That’s not a lot, even by Switch standards, though interestingly enough, it’s more than twice the size of the other Mario Party titles on the console, with Super Mario Party and Mario Party Superstars both weighing 2.9 GB apiece.

Super Mario Party Jamboree will launch exclusively for the Nintendo Switch later this year, on October 17.

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