Terminator: Survivors Will Have “Multiple Drivable Vehicles”, Built on Unreal Engine 5

terminator survivors

Other than its brief cinematic announcement trailer earlier this year, we’ve seen very little of Terminator: Survivor, but though it remains to be seen how long we’ll have to wait before Nacon showcases gameplay for the open world survival title, the developer has offered new details on the game via an FAQ published on Steam.

One key detail mentioned in the FAQ is that Terminator: Survivors will feature multiple drivable vehicles that players will be able to use for exploration, as well as for “tactical” purposes and multiplayer opportunities.

“In Terminator: Survivors, multiple drivable vehicles will be available,” Nacon writes. “The Vehicle System aims to support players’ movements across the game world and the gameplay flows, creating various exploration experiences, encouraging tactical thinking, and promoting multiplayer cooperation.”

Given the fact that Terminator: Survivors’ open world will also have a single T-800 relentlessly pursuing players, vehicles are probably going to come in very handy.

Meanwhile, in the FAQ, Nacon also confirms that Terminator: Survivors is being built on Unreal Engine 5. The game will also be playable in its entirety single-player and offline.

Terminator: Survivors launches in early access on PC on October 24.

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