The Crew Delisted on Steam and PlayStation Store; Servers Shutting Down After March 31st, 2024

The Crew

Over nine years since it launched for PS4, PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, Ivory Tower’s The Crew is being delisted. It’s no longer available to purchase on Steam and the PlayStation Store (though some regions and the Xbox Store still have it). This move affects the base game, its various editions and DLC.

Unfortunately, even if you purchased the game before this, there won’t be any way to play it. According to its Steam page, it will be playable until March 31st, 2024, after which servers will shut down. Since The Crew is always online, you’ll no longer be able to access it.

Interestingly, the community has been working on an offline patch since October 2023. It made slight progress but is far from fully functional. Stay tuned for more updates on its progress.

In the meantime, The Crew Motorfest is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC. Check out our review here.

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