The Division Heartland Has Been Rated in Taiwan

the division heartland

The wait for The Division Heartland has stretched on longer than most had expected, but after several delays, it seems the free-to-play extraction shooter might finally be inching closer to its full release.

As spotted by Twitter user @Kurakasis (via Reddit), The Division Heartland has been rated for PC and current and last gen consoles in Taiwan. Since age ratings for games tend to happen in the latter stages of development when they’re close to releasing, this could potentially suggest that the Division spinoff is approaching launch.

Following its previous delays, The Division Heartland doesn’t have a release date, and in Ubisoft’s recent quarterly fiscal report, it wasn’t mentioned by the company as one of the games it will be releasing during the course of the current fiscal year, which means it is expected to release sometime after March 31, 2024 at the earliest.

In September, Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment also confirmed that development had started on The Division 3.

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