The Thing Remastered – Original Director Talks Quality-of-Life Changes, Classic Mode and More

Nightdive Studios has recently delivered many exciting remakes and remasters, including System Shock and Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster. However, The Thing Remastered is perhaps the most exciting, bringing the 2002 survival horror shooter to a contemporary audience.

In the first episode of Nightdive’s Deep Dive series, video producer Locke Vincent sits down with original director Mark Atkinson to discuss the remaster. Atkinson discusses development challenges and where to draw the line between remakes and remasters. He confirmed that there would be some fixes for quality-of-life issues that the original team weren’t happy with.

This includes polishing areas where players could get stuck without ammo. While a “Story Mode” difficulty isn’t happening, there will be “some scalable difficulties.” Atkinson also promised it would play as well or better than the original, with the revamped visuals looking quite good already. Another question during development is whether there would be a switch for reverting to the original version.

It’s unknown if it’s coming, so stay tuned for updates. The Thing: Remastered launches later this year for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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