Total War: PHARAOH is Out Now

total war pharaoh

Turn-based and real-time hybrid strategy game Total War: PHARAOH is out now on PC. The game—a return for the studio to making history-based titles—is available on Windows and macOS, and has a new trailer which you can check out below.

As its name might imply, Total War: PHARAOH takes place in ancient Egypt. The game features three distinct factions based on Bronze-Age Cultures: the Egyptians, the Hittites, and the Canaanites. Each of the three factions has multiple options for leaders, and features distinct play styles, ranging from a focus on infantry during battles, to more diplomatic options.

Total War: PHARAOH also features the new Campaign Customisation feature, which gives player a greater level of control to decide just how their campaign will play out. Options include random starting positions, settings for resource distribution, and the ability to toy with natural disasters.

For players new to the franchise, the title also features a new tutorial system that teaches the game’s basic and more advanced mechanics.

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