Unicorn Overlord Trailer Outlines Combat, Skills, Valor and Much More

Unicorn Overlord

Unicorn Overlord is out next week, and to commemorate the occasion, Vanillaware has released the final video in Josef’s Guide series. This one focuses on combat and the various tactics players can employ. First, you must send out units from a Fort to meet the enemy and engage in battle.

If other allied units are nearby, you can swap before entering a battle, potentially to use units better suited to deal with the enemy or save an injured ally. During combat, allies will use active skills in a set order or passive skills that activate in specific conditions. The battle ends when both sides have exhausted their actions or one side is defeated.

If neither side wins, the unit with the lower HP percentage is knocked back and enters a Waiting state. Attacking them in this state grants First Strike, which grants an advantage that makes recovery difficult.

Before battles, you can prioritize which skills to use and under what conditions. For example, Alain has Lean Edge, which recovers HP, and you can set it to activate on defeating an enemy with the lowest HP. Heal can also be triggered on units with less than 50 percent HP. When in doubt, the Optimize function allows for automatically setting tactics.

On defeating enemies and liberating towns, you earn Valor. It’s used to deploy units and activate Valor Skills (which have different effects and utilities). Each battlefield also has unique outposts and machinery – use them to gain an advantage. You can unleash a magical cyclone, heal nearby allies and launch projectiles with a catapult.

If you exceed the time limit or let your command post get captured, it’s Game Over. However, retries are available if you have the Hallowed Corne Ash item.

Unicorn Overlord is out on March 8th for Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch. A demo is available now on all platforms, with progress carrying over to the game.

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