Valheim’s Ashlands Biome Launches in the First Half of 2024, New Details Revealed

Valheim - Ashlands

The next major biome for Iron Gate’s Valheim is the Ashlands, a fiery region with lava and extreme temperatures. In a new Steam post, the developer confirmed its launch for the first half of 2024 but noted that it would arrive in the Public Test Branch first. On top of this, it released a new “Walk and Talk” video where the team discusses various aspects of the new biome.

Unlike with Mistlands, Iron Gate is taking a more open approach to revealing details about the Ashlands. These include new dishes like Mashed Meat, Piquant Pie and Spicy Marmalade, made with plants growing in the region. You’ll also be able to craft some crazy new armor (seen above).

Other incoming content includes new siege engines for breaching the Ashlands fortresses, the Fallen Valkyrie boss and the Charred, skeletons with fiery hearts. There’s also the massive Bonemaw Serpent, which resides in the region’s water, though it’s unknown if it’s hostile. Stay tuned for more details on the Ashlands in the coming months.

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