Vampire Survivors is Getting New Story-Centric Content With Upcoming Adventures Update

Vampire Survivors - Tides of the Foscari_04

Poncle has announced a new update for Vampire Survivors, which will help expand on the game’s ongoing story and background lore. Announced alongside the patch notes for the game’s previous update, the update is slated for release on PC in the next month.

According to the studio, Adventures will remix content of the base game, adding more story flavour throughout the stage’s progression. Players will be able to keep their progress throughout an adventure through chapters. The update will also bring new special Adventures for each DLC released for the game so far.

More details on Adventures have been provided through the game’s official FAQ page, which reveals that the update will be coming to Vampire Survivors on all platforms. The FAQ also reveals that Adventures are a chance for a fresh start with unique challenges, and progress from the main game will not carry over into Adventures.

On release of the update, the game will feature 2 Adventures for the base game, and 1 Adventure for The Legacy of the Moonspell DLC. Each Adventure will feature an hour or two of play time, and Adventures can be “Ascended”, which will allow players to tweak Adventure stats to make it more rewarding.

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