Wizard with a Gun Gets 4-Player Co-Op, Expanded Difficulty Options in Latest Update

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Developer Galvanic Games and publisher Devolver Digital have released a new update for action-adventure title Wizard with a Gun. As part of the update, titled Better Together, the game now features 4-player co-op. Check out the trailer for the Better Together update below. Check out the complete patch notes below as well, while you’re at it.

Better Together is a free update, and allows co-op for up to four players. Along with co-op, the update also brings a host of content changes to Wizard with a Gun, such as new difficulty levels, custom difficulty options, and content related to the gate of the Oculus.

The studio had announced the Better Together update for Wizard with a Gun just last week. Before the update, the game only featured co-op gameplay for up to two players. The studio originally wanted 4-player co-op in the title, but development constraints forced it to go with 2-player co-op for launch before expanding on its in the latest update.

Wizard with a Gun is available on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. For more details, check out some of the older trailers that had been released for the game showcasing its surreal environments and co-op gameplay.

Wizard with a Gun: Better Together patch notes:

  • Multiplayer supports up to 4 players per game session
  • 4 preset difficulty modes and custom difficulty options
  • Additional lore and books throughout the game
  • New Library UI (for the lore!)
  • 5 new bookshelf variants
  • Added “activated” version of the Oculus
  • Voidskimmer can now be interacted with in the Tower
  • Updated endgame content and secret ending
  • 5 new achievements to unlock
  • New music featuring the bard!

General Improvements

  • Updated VFX & animations for entities
  • Updated VFX & animations for some buildings in game
  • Updated SFX for new content and some Bounty of Guns weapons
  • Map Altar Activation VFX updated
  • Difficulty scaling will be notified to players at the start of the expedition
  • Updated credits to include: Michael Garrett Steele (voice of the bard)!

Resources, Recipes, Crafting and Building

  • Fixed missing thumbnails and incorrect thumbnails in the First Edition
  • Spawned items and resources should now decay properly
  • Bounty rewards should fall into the void less frequently
  • Rotated stone chests should now always close if they contain items

Spells and Powders

  • “On Fire” scale should be a little less egregious on large enemies
  • Fixed fire flickering on entities that teleport
  • Fixed mortar impacts being immortal in the tower (dripping oil will no longer haunt you forever)
  • Order spells should now consistently repair buildings in the tower
  • Fixed performance when shooting poison into water
  • Introduced Boomerang powder in the physics research station

Enemies, NPCs and Combat

  • Pet & Charmed interactions have received some polish
  • Hilda animations have been updated
  • All applicable entities should now be able to be scanned with the First Edition
  • Fixed “assist when knocked” issues in multiplayer games
  • Harbinger will now always spawn from a rift (the Oculus holds deeper secrets now)
  • Updates to Golden Bounty rewards (New stuff? New stuff!)
  • Fixed interaction with bounty mechana in boss arenas
  • Sniper Cultists now have double health (they were too easy!)

Other / Misc

  • Fixed audio balance for the Harbinger of Chaos fight
  • Updated and fixed several boss biome books (if you’re missing a book, I would start at Orion’s tower)
  • Moved credits and endgame slideshow to end of new content
  • Fixed UI for minimized task list (it should no longer cut off for some users)
  • Extended connection timeout to allow for slower connections
  • Adjusted Hermit Crab ambush to be more performant
  • Fixed arrows in loading bench tutorial
  • Fixed crashes on client after being kicked from a multiplayer game

Known Issues + Things we’re working on!

  • Boomerang powder might not unlock if you’ve already completed some physics research (we’re patching this in the next update!)
  • The Huntress might incorrectly loop an idle animation.
  • An endgame quest might appear incomplete in multiplayer (the game will still progress, you’ll just have the quest marker active)
  • Some bounty guns will not be available (these are being patched back in soon!)
  • “Shattered Soul” has an incorrect description (woopsie!)
  • Charmed entities that have been revived might incorrectly display on the map (your zombie children are not real!)
  • Swapping items into processing stations might no longer remember their origin (it was in your backpack, but now it’s in the chest)
  • The “burning” VFX might obscure some smaller enemies
  • Odden’s Middle Finger might not display correctly on the gun mount building
  • “0/1 gears collected” might display after collecting all gears (there is not a secret hidden gear, I promise)

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