Wizard with a Gun Video Showcases The Shatter’s Surreal Environments

wizard with a gun

The world is a little borked in Wizard with a Gun, thanks to the forces of Chaos. Its remnants are known as The Shatter, and players must traverse it to survive. A new Gunmancer’s Diary video is available, showcasing some of the areas in The Shatter and the threats you’ll face. Check it out below.

Your journey begins in the wizard empire’s ruins, The Imperium, before venturing to The Fell, a fungus-infested area. There’s also The Frozen Wastes with its arctic environment, and The Barren Sea, which is more of a dried-up desert. You’ll want to return to The Tower often since you can store items, research, learn new spells and much more to make subsequent expeditions easier.

Wizard with a Gun launches on October 17th for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC, retailing for $24.99. Pre-orders receive The Noble Wizard Pack, which contains cosmetics. For those curious about the gameplay, the single-player focused demo is available again on Steam.

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