Xbox Achievements Are Getting an Overhaul in 2024 – Rumour

xbox achievements

Xbox pioneered the Achievements system with the Xbox 360’s launch back in 2005, but since then, other companies have implemented their own similar systems, many of which have gone on to surpass Xbox’s Achievements in more ways than one. Demands for improvements have been loud in the Xbox community for some time now, and it seems those improvements could be coming this year.

That’s as per XboxEra co-founder Nick Baker, who said in a recent episode of the XboxEra Podcast that an overhaul of Xbox Achievements is coming this year. Baker says he’s unsure if that means the new Achievements system will be shown off in 2024, if it will be released in beta, or if it will roll out to everyone, but the leaker says that we’ll at least be seeing the new system in an official capacity sometime this year.

An overhaul of the Xbox Achievements system has been a long time coming, with Microsoft itself also having suggested that one would be coming at some point. Just last month, for instance, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer teased that the company was working on improvements to Achievements. Read more on that through here.

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