Destiny 2’s Upcoming Guardian Games Gets New Trailer Ahead of March 5 Kickoff

destiny 2 guardian games

Bungie has released a new trailer for the upcoming Guardian Games event for Destiny 2. The event, set to kick off on March 5, will bring with it a host of new challenges for players to partake in for a chance to win new rewards, which includes a hoverboard, dubbed the Skimmer. The Guardian Games this time around will support Direct Relief and the International Rescue Committee through the Bungie Foundation.

As part of Destiny 2‘s annual Guardian Games event, players of all three classes—Hunters, Warlocks and Titans—compete with each other to prove that their class is the best. The event will take place over a period of three weeks, and the winning class will see a statue in the tower celebrating their victory.

This time around, the Guardian Games will also include a scoring system, along with new limited-time boosts dubbed Focus Activities, which reward players with extra medallions if their class wins.

The Allstar Vector Skimmer hoverboard will be made available to all players for free, and essentially acts as a new type of Sparrow. Other rewards part of the Guardian Games Event Card include the new Compressed Wave Frame Grenade Launcher dubbed Hullabaloo, along with cosmetic rewards like an exotic Ghost shell and emote.

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