Tekken 8 – Update 1.04 Patch Notes Coming Tomorrow

Tekken 8 - Zafina

Bandai Namco’s Tekken 8 has a busy year ahead, but first, there will be a balance patch this Spring. Before you count the days till it ends, the developer has confirmed that the “first battle balance adjustments” for the season are “coming soon.” Patch notes for update 1.04 will also go live tomorrow.

It could mean the update is available in the coming weeks, though based on the “first” part, further balance changes could be planned for later. While Bandai Namco didn’t explicitly state which characters are receiving adjustments, the Season 1 trailer did highlight Zafina, Leroy Smith, Panda and Bryan Fury. It could be good news for them, but we’ll need more details.

Other updates coming to Tekken 8 include a free new stage, Seaside Resort, and Photo Mode this Summer. They’ll coincide with the arrival of Lidia, the second DLC character in Season 1. Autumn sees the launch of a new Main Story chapter featuring Eddy Gordo (and some hints of Jun Kazama). Ghost vs. Ghost and Online Practice are also in the works, though further details are pending.

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