DNF Duel Unveils Fifth DLC Character, Nen Master

nen master

Nearly two years on from its launch, Nexon and Neople’s acclaimed fighter DNF Duel doesn’t have the most active player base, but it’s continuing to receive new additional content. Not, it’s next DLC character has been unveiled.

Nen Master will be the next character to be added to DNF Duel. Her reveal trailer is a brief one and doesn’t give much away about what she will bring to the battlefield, but her trailer description suggests she has the ability to harness nature, which could be interesting. She will arrive sometime this summer. A specific release date is currently unknown.

Nen Master will be the fifth and final character in DNF Duel’s Season Pass. Over the past year, the game has added Spectre, Brawler, Battle Mage, and Monk. There’s currently no word on whether Nexon intends to keep the game’s post-launch support going with another Season Pass.

DNF Duel is available on PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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