Saints Row Reboot Reportedly Sold 1.7 million Copies

saints row

Saints Row might have been the worst-performing game in the franchise. As caught by X user Timur222, a LinkedIn post Tyrin Stevenson—formerly a social media and community manager at developer Volition—states that Saints Row only sold 1.7 million copies.

Going by the LinkedIn post, Stevenson worked at Volition from May 2022 until the studio’s closure in 2023, with Saints Row being the only title he handled the release for.

Commercial performance of Saints Row seemed to have been disappointing enough for publisher Gearbox that Volition was shut down back in 2023. Before that, publishing of the game was moved over from Deep Silver to Gearbox.

While the last Saints Row title was essentially a reboot for the entire franchise, featuring an entirely new set of characters in a new setting, and with a different mood and theme when compared to its predecessors, rumours from back in November indicate that the game was originally going to feature older characters returning.

According to these rumours, characters like Shaundi, Dex, Aisha, and Johnny Gat were planned to return in the game, before the pitch was turned down by Deep Silver in favour of the reboot.

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