Fallout 4 Ranks Fourth in US Sales Charts for April After Debut of Amazon’s TV Series

fallout 4

Amazon’s long-awaited Fallout TV show aired last month, racking up an impressive 65 million views in 16 days. Its popularity had a cascading effect on the titles, with player numbers rising substantially across the board. According to Circana’s video game sales data for April 2024 in the United States, it also caused an uptick in sales.

Fallout 4 went from 87th place in March to an impressive fifth in April, according to analyst and executive director Matt Piscatella. Fallout 76 also saw a massive jump from 159th place to 8th between the months. Per Circana’s player engagement tracker, the titles ranked fourth and fifth in monthly active users on Steam. It was behind Helldivers 2, Counter-Strike 2 and Content Warning.

Fallout 4 would see the launch of its Next-Gen Update (which received a patch to fix several issues), while Fallout 76 is prepping for the launch of Skyline Valley. However, rumors claim that Microsoft is “formulating plans” to launch the next mainline title “sooner rather than later.” Bethesda’s Todd Howard seemingly alluded to two unannounced projects in the franchise, which you can check out here, but it may be a while before their release. Stay tuned in the meantime for updates.

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