Final Fantasy 9 Remake is Turn-Based – Rumour

final fantasy 9

Rumours of a remake of Final Fantasy 9 have been around for a while, and though Square Enix has yet to officially acknowledge the project’s existence, details on it continue to emerge through not-entirely-official means. Specifically, prominent leaker Midori has shared some alleged details on the remake and what fans should expect from it.

For starters, if you were hoping that Final Fantasy 9 Remake would change the original game’s combat to the extent that, say, Final Fantasy 7 Remake did, you might be disappointed, with Midori alleging that it is going to be a turn-based game similar to the original.

Meanwhile, the leaker also claims that though the Final Fantasy 9 Remake is a little bit more ambitious than 2020’s Trials of Mana remake in terms of its scope as a project, it’s going to be roughly in the same ballpark nonetheless, having been “similar in style to Trials of mana in many different ways for a period of time,” as per the leaker. Either way, it’s not going to be as ambitious as something like Final Fantasy 7 Remake, while the leaker also says that it’s not going to be an HD-2D game.

Midori has additionally also claimed that Final Fantasy 9 Remake is “very far along” in development and is planned as a multiplatform game. Read more on that through here.

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