Sonic X Shadow Generations is Seemingly Teasing a Fourth Playable Character

Sonic X Shadow Generations_05

Sonic X Shadow Generations is seemingly going to have a mysterious, fourth playable character that has yet to be officially unveiled. That’s as per what the game’s own official Japanese website seems to be teasing.

The website showcases playable characters in both Sonic and Shadow’s campaigns in the upcoming expanded remaster. The former features Sonic and Classic Sonic, and while the latter currently only features Shadow, it also has a blank panel next to his character portrait with the words “coming soon…” under it (screencap below).

Speculation from fans suggests that we’ll also be able to play as another variant of Shadow the Hedgehog in his side of the story in the upcoming platformer. Perhaps a classic version, similar to Sonic’s campaign?

How long it’ll be before we know who this mystery character is remains to be seen, but one would assume that Sega will be sharing that information before the game is out, given the fact that it’s been teased on its official website.

Sonic X Shadow Generations launches for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on October 25.

sonic x shadow generations fourth playable character

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