Fortnite Announces Fallout Crossover

fallout fortnite

Fallout fever has been running rampant for over a month, thanks to the immense popularity of Amazon Prime’s acclaimed Fallout show. Not only has that sparked renewed interest in Bethesda’s Fallout titles, the franchise is seeping its way into other games as well.

Case in point, Fortnite has announced an upcoming crossover with Fallout. Details are scant, so we don’t yet know much abut what precisely the crossover will entail and when we can expect it, but Epic Games has confirmed with a tweet and official artwork that Fortnite will soon be getting a crossover with the post-apocalyptic RPG franchise.

We can, of course, probably expect Fallout-themed skins, and perhaps even map locations and usable Power Armour- though that’s just speculation at this point. Hopefully concrete details will be coming officially from Epic Games in the not-too-distant future. Stay tuned for more details in the coming days and weeks.

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