GYLT is Out Now on Nintendo Switch


Horror title GYLT, formerly exclusively released on Google’s now-defunct Stadia platform, is out now on the Nintendo Switch. While currently available digitally, GYLT is also set to get a physical release sometime in May. In the meantime, check out a trailer celebrating its Nintendo Switch release below.

Originally released back in 2019 for Google Stadia, GYLT put players in the shoes of a young girl as she explores and sneaks her way through an eerie town in Maine. Developer Tequila Works has cited seminal survival horror game Silent Hill as one of the game’s major inspirations.

As they play through GYLT, players will have to explore their surroundings while at the same time keeping themselves hidden from strange creatures. Along the way, there are also plenty of chances to solve some puzzles in order to make progress through the game.

July 2023 saw GYLT coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S after having spent a couple of years available exclusively on Stadia. For more details on GYLT, check out our review.

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