Gameloft is Partnering with Wizards of the Coast for a Dungeons and Dragons Life Sim Survival RPG

gameloft dungeons and dragons game

The Dungeons and Dragons license enjoyed one of its biggest ever success stories in gaming last year with Baldur’s Gate 3, so it’s no surprise that the owner of the IP, Wizards of the Coast, intends to expand its presence in the medium as much as possible. And while there’s no doubt that we’ll be seeing more large-scale DnD RPGs similar to Baldur’s Gate in the future, it looks like we’re going to get other, more experimental games as well.

Case in point: Gameloft – the studio behind Disney Dreamlight Valley (and multiple dozens of other games, many of which are mobile-focused titles) – has announced that it’s partnering with Wizards of the Coast to develop a new game based on Dungeons and Dragons that will combine some genres that you wouldn’t necessarily associate with the IP.

Gameloft says the title – which is being developed for PC and consoles – will aim to deliver “unique cooperative gameplay built around an innovative hybrid of survival, life simulation, and action RPG”.

“Players can expect an adventure where the rich lore of this legendary franchise meets real-time survival in a unique campaign of resilience, camaraderie, and danger at nearly every turn,” the developer says. It is currently also looking to hire in a number of different positions to work on the project.

There’s currently no word on when this game will be out (or even what it will be called), but Gameloft has shared a piece of concept art to give you at least some indication of what it will look like. Check it out below.

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