Palworld Could be Headed to PS5


Having sold over 6 million copies within four days of its early access release and becoming the third most concurrently played game in Steam history, Palworld has, to say the very least, clearly got off to a stellar start, and the fact that it’s done that while not even being available on PlayStation has only made its success that much more impressive. It seems, however, that its availability on PlayStation consoles could also change soon.

That’s as per a recent tweet by Shuhei Yoshida, head of indies at PlayStation. Responding to a fan asking about Palworld on PS5, Yoshida simply responded, “Yes”, while also tagging Jingwen Zhu, who is part of the partner development team at PlayStation.

Of course, Yoshida’s tweet doesn’t give much of an indication about how long it’ll be before Pocketpair’s monster-catching survival game releases for PlayStation, but at the very least, demand for the game is something that Sony is aware of.

Prior to Palworld’s early access launch, Pocketpair said in an official FAQ that though a PS5 version of the game wasn’t planned just yet, it would be considered during development.

Palworld is currently available in early access on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One. Read our review through here.

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