Hi-Fi Rush, The Evil Within Steam Pages Bombed With Positive Reviews Celebrating Tango Gameworks, Criticizing Microsoft

Since Microsoft’s shuttering of developer Tango Gameworks, angry fans of the studio’s work have taken to bombarding the Steam listings for Hi-Fi Rush, Ghostwire: Tokyo and The Evil Within and its sequel with reviews. Interestingly, while movements among fanbases like this typically opt to go with negative reviews, the Steam reviews for these games are incredibly positive.

The most recent reviews for these games celebrate the titles and the work Tango Gameworks put into them, while at the same time also making sure to criticize Microsoft for its decision to close down the studio.

“RIP Tango Gameworks,” reads one review for The Evil Within.  “RIP Tango Gameworks and damn Microsoft and corporate greed, people lose their jobs and their passion because a greedy executive wants to buy themselves another yacht,” read another note. The reviews for Hi-Fi Rush similarly reflect the sentiment, with one review reading “RIP Tango. No more The Evil Within 3 and Hi-Fi Rush 2 now.”

Microsoft announced the closure of Tango Gameworks, as well as other studios, including Arkane Austin, earlier this week.

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