Homeworld 3 Gets New Trailer Showcasing the Franchise’s Story

homeworld 3 fleet

Developer Blackbird Interactive has released a new trailer for its upcoming space-based real-time strategy game Homeworld 3. This time around, the trailer gives us a look at the history of the Homeworld universe, providing a quick history lesson in the process. Check it out below.

The trailer takes us through some of the events of the previous Homeworld titles, including land-based spin-off Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak. The story kicks off with the Kushan fighting over resources for thousands of years before Rachel S’Jet wouold discover something buried deep underneath the sands.

This propels the Kushan into space travel as they construct a grand Mothership that would transport 600,000 Kushan to Hiigara, which brings us to the events of the first Homeworld game. The trailer also goes into the trials and tribulations faced by the surviving Kushan, including the alliances they would forge with the Bentusi, and the wars they would fight against the taiidan Empire and the Vaygr.

Homeworld 3 is slated for release on May 13, and will be coming to PC. The game will also feature a roguelike-inspired game mode, dubbed War Games, which got a demo back in February.

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