Monster Hunter Franchise Hits 100 Million Units Sold

Monster Hunter Rise - Magnamalo

Multiple Resident Evil titles are continuing to sell at an impressive pace, and unsurprisingly, the Monster Hunter franchise is also performing in similar fashion for Capcom. The company has provided updated sales figures for a number of its titles on its Platinum Titles page, and predictably enough, Monster Hunter remains a big seller for the Japanese giant.

As of March 31, Monster Hunter World has sold 20.1 million units, but combined with its Master Edition (which also includes the Iceborne expansion), sales for the game stand at 25.3 million units, up from earlier in the year by 300,000 units. Meanwhile, Iceborne alone has enjoyed impressive sales as well, selling an addition million units over the course of the January-March quarter to take its total up to 12.6 million units.

Monster Hunter Rise is also continuing to post strong numbers, which isn’t surprising either. Its sales now stand at 14.7 million units worldwide, which is an increase of half a million, while its expansion, Sunbreak, sold an additional 600,000 units, taking its total up to 7.7 million units.

Collectively, the franchise has now hit the 100 million units sold milestone, with an additional three million units sold since earlier in the year.

Capcom is currently at work on Monster Hunter Wilds, the franchise’s next mainline instalment, which is due out sometime next year.

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