Tides of Tomorrow is a Narrative Adventure Game Where Your Choices Can Affect Other Players

tides of tomorrow

Developer Digixart and publisher Deep Silver have unveiled a new first-person adventure title, Tides of Tomorrow. The game was announced with a trailer that you can check out below.

Being a game with a focus on its narrative, Tides of Tomorrow puts players on planet Elynd, where a catastrophe known as the Great Flood has ravaged the land. Players will have to take on several challenges in the struggling world as they go about completing objectives like exploring floating platforms or dealing with some of the more dangerous aspects of the various communities in the game.

Tides of Tomorrow will encourage players to be careful about their decisions, since the game’s diverse cast of characters each has their own motivations and perspectives on the state of their world. Interestingly, the game has some light multiplayer mechanics where the choices made by a player’s friend in their playthrough of the game will also affect the player’s world.

Tides of Tomorrow doesn’t yet have a release date.

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