Monster Hunter Stories 1 Remaster Announced for Switch, PS4, and PC, Out This Summer

monster hunter stories remaster key art

First releasing for the Nintendo 3DS back in 2016 (2017 in Western markets), Monster Hunter Stories put a unique, Pokemon-inspired, turn-based spin on Capcom’s action RPG franchise, and though it was very much a niche product (especially in comparison to mainline Monster Hunter games), it had its fair share of fans.

If you were among them, or are curious about the game regardless, there’s news to be excited about. Capcom has announced a remaster of Monster Hunter Stories. Out this Summer for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC, the remaster will boast full voice acting, enhanced visuals, and a new Museum mode, where you can view artwork and listen to the game’s soundtrack. Additional content that was previously released for the original game only in Japan is also going to be included, Capcom has confirmed.

In our review of Monster Hunter Stories upon its Western 3DS release in 2017, we gave it a score of 7/10, saying, “Fans will appreciate the new take on time honored series mechanics in Monster Hunter Stories, while newcomers will find a more accessible and inviting game than the franchise has ever had before.” Read the full review through here.

A sequel, Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, is also available on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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