Monster Hunter Wilds – New Large Monsters, Herbivores and Mount Outlined

While offering a new gameplay trailer for Monster Hunter Wilds is nice, Capcom also promised more information on the upcoming action RPG before its release in 2025. Fortunately, it’s obliged in a new PlayStation Blog post, discussing the new Windward Plains locale and ecosystem changes. What about the new large monsters, though?

The two revealed in the trailer – Doshagum, a Fanged Beast, and Chatacabra, an Amphibian – have received further details, and each poses unique challenges. The former is “highly territorial” with a “wide habitat range” and “very aggressive” behavior. Players will encounter large packs of the same, so splitting them up is key. The Chatacabra attacks with its tongue while employing adhesive saliva to harden its forelegs with ore and other materials.

Some Herbivores encountered include the Ceratonoth, with males protecting the females by using their horns to catch lightning and disperse it into the ground. It’s worth remembering during thunderstorms, especially if you get too close to a pack. The Dalthydon is a wyvern which will shift locations depending on the season. Be careful when provoking it since its hardened head makes for a dangerous weapon.

The new player mount is Seikret and automatically guides you to specified locations. As with Monster Hunter Rise, it’s possible to recover, gather materials and sharpen weapons. However, it can also store a secondary weapon, allowing you to change without returning to camp.

Monster Hunter Wilds will be available for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC when it launches next year.

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