Mega Man 1 to 5 for Game Boy Available Now on Nintendo Switch Online

Mega Man 1 to 5 - Nintendo Switch Online

Five of Capcom’s Mega Man titles have been added to Nintendo Switch Online, the company announced recently, but don’t celebrate just yet. These are the Game Boy versions of Mega Man 1 to 5, which subscribers can experience on Nintendo Switch now.

Mega Man 1 on Game Boy is known as Mega Man: Dr. Wily’s Revenge, and sees the Blue Bomber attempting to stop the mad scientist before he can forge the “Mega Man Killer.” Mega Man 2 dabbles in time travel, introducing a new opponent named Quint. Mega Man 3 ventures to the “hottest place on Earth” and introduces Punk, a new antagonist.

Mega Man 4 sees Dr Wily controlling all the robots and wreaking havoc, with only Mega Man, Rush and a new ally, Beat, available to stop him. Finally, Mega Man 5 features a new antagonist, Terra, and the Mega Arm alongside new enemies. Except for Mega Man 2, developed by Thinking Rabbit, Minakuchi Engineering of Mega Man X3 fame has worked on all the titles.

Though the first two titles received mixed reviews, Mega Man 3 has received praise, while Mega Man 4 and 5 rates above average. Check out the trailer below to see them all in action.

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