MultiVersus – Jason Voorhees Gameplay Trailer Pays Homage to Friday the 13th

MultiVersus - Jason Vorhees

MultiVersus is out next week, but Player First Games continues to unleash new information, starting with the launch trailer confirming the inclusion of Jason Voorhees as a playable character. The iconic horror movie villain has received a new trailer to showcase his moves, and it’s presented in typical Friday the 13th fashion. Check it out below.

Jason is a Tank who wields a giant machete (and axe), trading mobility for some frightening moves. Whether it’s folding up a bed as an anti-air or snatching opponents in a sleeping bag to toss them off of the edge, there’s a lot to watch out for. Alongside his classic appearance, the look from Jason X is also present.

MultiVersus launches on May 28th for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC. Jason is unlocked immediately with the Season 1 premium Battle Pass, which open beta players receive for free. Stay tuned for more detailed breakdowns of his kit in the coming days.

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