Stellar Blade Trailer Offers Flashy Showcase of Beta Skills

stellar blade

A new short trailer for Shift Up’s Stellar Blade is available, focusing on the different Beta Skills wielded by Eve. These will look familiar to those who played the free demo, but it’s still a stylish showcase for some of Eve’s stronger skills. Check out the trailer below.

Players start with a multi-hit thrust attack but can quickly acquire skills like Shield Breaker, a double backflip kick ideal for breaking shields, and Shockwave, which sends out slashing projectiles at enemies. There’s also a wide arcing slash, ideal for taking out groups of enemies. You can charge some Beta Skills, increasing their damage dealt.

However, to use any of them, you need energy acquired by striking enemies. Eve has other unique skills, like Lightning Rush for closing the gap and attacking enemies, but these four will be the difference makers in protracted fights.

Stellar Blade launches on April 26th for PS5. Check out our feature here for more details.

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