Palworld Developer Working on Patch to Fix Multiplayer Save Data Not Loading on Xbox

Palworld - Bellanoir

Pocketpair’s Palworld received its first post-launch content update last week, adding the first raid boss, Bellanoir, and quality of life improvements. While Version v0.2.0.6 went live yesterday for Xbox, an issue where multiplayer save data from an older version wouldn’t load was discovered.

This is a problem for those looking to jump straight into fighting Bellanoir. The developer is working on a fix and advises players not to load the affected save data until it’s live. Unfortunately, any save data created in a multiplayer game after v.’s release can no longer be loaded. Such is the risk with early access.

Palworld is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC, with Pocketpair in talks to bring it to other platforms. Check out our review here. Though it’s had some issues since launch, it still sold 15 million copies (and counting) on Steam, while the Xbox version has had 10 million players, in no small part due to Game Pass.

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