Helldivers 2 Will Seemingly Add Mechs Soon

Helldivers 2 - Exosuit

Developer Arrowhead Game Studios said prior to Helldivers 2’s release that it would be receiving pilotable mechs as part of a free post-launch update at some point, and it seems that time is near. Just last week, a datamining leak found evidence pointing to Helldivers 2 adding mechs and reintroducing the Illuminate faction from the first game, and now more evidence has emerged for the former.

Over on Reddit, players have been posting off-screen gameplay recordings showing fully pilotable mechs in the game, and the gameplay shown actually looks quite polished already, suggesting that Arrowhead might be gearing up to adds mechs to the game imminently.

Sure enough, that’s what a developer from the studio has suggested on the game’s official Discord server as well (caught by GamesRadar), saying that mechs have been “good to go for a while”, though they still continue to receive some polishing finishing touches by members of the development team who can’t assist with the game’s server issues (which, as of last weekend, have started easing up significantly).

It remains to be seen exactly how long it’ll be before we start seeing new content in Helldivers 2, whether that’s mechs, a new Faction, or the new enemies, objectives, biomes, and story updates that were promised before launch. With server issues Arrowhead has said that, in light of the game’s unexpected scale of success, it is beefing up and accelerating its plans for post-launch support.

Helldivers 2 is available on PS5 and PC. Read our review of the game through here.

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