Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door – Brief New Teaser Reveals Smorg

paper mario the thousand-year door smorg

Given the reputation Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door continues to enjoy to this day, two decades on from its GameCube launch, the level of excitement surrounding the release of its upcoming Nintendo Switch remake isn’t surprising in the slightest. And as the RPG draws closer to launch, Nintendo is continuing to show more bits and pieces.

Taking recently to Twitter with its official UK account, the company showcased another new, albeit brief, trailer. Even at under half a minute long though, the teaser does showcase some intriguing glimpses of the remake.

For starters, it shows an encounter with Smorg, a boss fight atop a moving train that fans of the original game will remember very well, as well as an entirely reworked cutscene showing map reveals, with the entire party present and accounted for. A handful of other locations, enemies, and characters can also be glimpsed throughout the teaser. Check it out below.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door launches on May 23 for the Switch. As per reports, its reviews will begin going live on May 21.

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