Fallout 76 Teases Upcoming Content For Skyline Valley Expansion, Map Locations, And Much More

fallout 76 shenandoah

Fallout 76 has been going strong with each new update, and Bethesda doesn’t seem to have any plans of slowing down in the near future.  A new developer preview gives us a sneak peek at the upcoming Skyline Valley expansion, check out the details in the video down below.

The Skyline Valley expansion introduces a bunch of new areas that are set to expand the far reaches of Fallout 76′s map by a significant margin. From the Abandoned Convoy to Shenandoah River and Mary Rock’s Tunnel, there’s quite a bit to explore and check out with this expansion. Furthermore, there’s also the mysterious Vault 63 to explore and a new questline that involves an NPC named Hugo Stolz who will play a pivotal role in the ongoing narrative.

Furthermore, there are also weather effects like lighting to look out for, and new enemy types like Storm Goliaths and Ghouls can also be seen roaming the map. Skyline Valley does seem to be offering some meaningful content to look forward to, and the developer is planning to release the update sometime in June.

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