SAND LAND Trailer Features Intense Action Set to Darude’s Sandstorm

With Bandai Namco’s SAND LAND launching next week, the developer has released a new trailer which features an obvious but seemingly unlikely song choice – Darude’s Sandstorm. Surprisingly, it fits together well and also reveals something important: Beelzebub can kick some serious butt. Check it out below.

Players can create all kinds of vehicles, each capable of different functions, like the hovercar for traversing water and rougher terrain or Battle Tanks for taking on foes. They can carry up to five at a time, but at some points, it seems Beelzebub is capable of throwing hands, powering up and unleashing Light and Heavy attacks.

He can learn new skills and abilities throughout the game to become more effective in combat, and even his companions – Sheriff Rao, Thief and Ann – help out. SAND LAND launches on April 26th worldwide for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. A free demo is available now on all platforms – head here for more details.

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