Fallout Season 2 Officially Greenlit by Amazon

fallout amazon prime

This will not come as a surprise to anyone, given the widespread acclaim that Amazon Prime’s Fallout series has enjoyed since it premiered in full last week, but the show has now been officially greenlit for a second season.

Fallout will be back for Season 2,” Amazon wrote in its Twitter announcement.

Reports of a second season of the show first emerged last week, shortly prior to its premiere, with claims that the show would relocate filming for its second season to California, thanks to Amazon receiving $25 million in California tax credits for its production.

The Fallout series’ critical acclaim has also brought resurgent interest in Bethesda’s Fallout games. Fallout 76 recently hit its highest ever concurrent user peak on Steam, with Fallout 4 and New Vegas also enjoying boosts in player engagement. Fallout 4 was also the best-selling game in Europe last week, with a whopping 7,500 percent increase in sales over the week prior. The free-to-play mobile title Fallout Shelter has also seen a recent surge in downloads and revenue.

Fallout 4 will receive its long-awaited Next-Gen Update on April 25, bringing support for 60 FPS, higher resolutions, full Steam Deck optimization, and more.

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