Tchia Launches for Switch This Summer, Out Now for Steam with New Content


Awaceb’s Tchia launched for PlayStation and PC via Epic Games Store in March of last year, and the developer, in conjunction with publisher Kepler Interactive, is ready to bring the game to wider audiences. The open world action-adventure title is set to launch for the Nintendo Switch sometime this Summer, Awaceb has announced.

Additionally, the developer has also confirmed that Tchia is now available via Steam. Its Steam release is, notably enough, also accompanied by plenty of new content arriving in the form of a free update. That includes eight new Soul Melodies, such as Super Boat, which enables faster sailing, Acrobat Mode, which enables significantly higher jumps, Human Torch, which lets you shoot fireballs, and more.

Meanwhile, players can now also wear new cosmetics to make themselves look like a variety of different animals, which, in turn, will attract those animals to you (which “has no benefit other than looking super cool”, according to Awaceb). There’s also a new setting that lets you play with an infinite Soul Meter. Check out the trailer below for more details.

Tchia is currently available on PS5, PS4, and PC.

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