The First Descendant Crosses 229,000 Concurrent Players on Steam at Launch

The First Descendant_03

Nexon’s The First Descendant is now available, over three years since its initial announcement. It’s seen some hiccups like Caliber, the premium currency, not showing up after purchasing (which has been fixed), but player numbers are solid, reaching 229,257 concurrent players on Steam at the time of writing.

The free-to-play looter shooter is also in first place on Steam’s Top Sellers list – no small feat, considering the ongoing Summer sale with titles like Elden Ring and Baldur’s Gate 3 discounted. Despite its success, user reviews are “Mixed”, with only 42 percent positive out of 7,017.

Complaints range from the excessive monetization and performance issues to the gameplay, which some have described as “generic” and “worse” than Warframe and Destiny 2. Launch is only the beginning, though, and Nexon has plans for an extensive amount of post-release content, including new Colossus bosses, Descendants, Ultimate variants, weapons and more. Head here for additional details.

The First Descendant is playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC. Check out our feature for more details.

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