“Persona 3 Reload Would Not be Complete Without Episode Aigis,” Producer Says

persona 3 reload episode aigis the answer

Persona fans have been asking whether Persona 3 Reload would also include Persona 3 FES’ exclusive epilogue, The Answer, since before the remake was even officially announced, and since it launched, those questions haven’t really gone away. Recently, Atlus confirmed that the FES content will indeed be coming to the game in the form of Episode Aigis -The Answer-, the third wave in Persona 3 Reload’s expansion pass, and in a recent developer message uploaded by Atlus, producer Kazuhisha Wada spoke about its importance to the overarching story of Persona 3.

“The newly released Persona 3 Reload is a faithful remake of Persona 3,” Wada said. “As such, I believed that Persona 3 Reload would not be complete without Episode Aigis, the conclusion of Persona 3.”

Interestingly, according to Wada, Episode Aigis was something the remake’s development team was “strongly considering” working on since the early stages of Reload’s development. Though the expansion was almost abandoned due to “many setbacks”, Wada says the “outpouring of requests” from fans helped push it into full development.

“From the beginning of the project, we had strongly considered the idea of remaking Episode Aigis,” he said. “However, for challenging reasons, we were almost forced to abandon this idea. When we announced Reload, we received an outpouring of requests from fans around the world for Episode Aigis.

“We as a development team also wanted to live up to those expectations. The project faced many setbacks, but things eventually fell into place, and thanks to your voices encouraging each step of the way, the project was officially moved into development.”

Wada has also confirmed that Episode Aigis -The Answer- will feature new dungeons, though you shouldn’t expect too many changes to the story.

Persona 3 Reload: Episode Aigis -The Answer- will launch sometime in September for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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