Vampire Survivors Gets New Heroes, Weapons in Latest Free Update (and a Final Fantasy 7-Themed Trailer)

Vampire Survivors - Tides of the Foscari_04

Developer Poncle has released a new free update for bullet heaven game Vampire Survivors. The update, titled Space54, brings with it 2 new characters, 4 weapons, 1 stage and 1 relic, and is available on PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS. The update is meant to celebrate Vampire Survivor’s original game engine, Phaser, which uses retro sci-fi characters as its mascots.

The two new characters in the update are Bat Robbert and Space Dude. Bat Robbert’s special ability is that he gains +16 MaxHP (up to a maximum of +400) and recovers 30 percent of his health. The ability’s cooldown is reset any time he is fully healed. Space Dude, on the other hand, fires all of his weapons regardless of their cooldown every few seconds.

Alongside the update, the studio has also released a new trailer for Vampire Survivors celebrating the release of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. The trailer is a recreation of the original Final Fantasy 7 teaser trailer from all the way back in 1997, with every detail swapped for Vampire Survivors things. Check out both the trailer for the Space54 update, as well as the Final Fantasy 7-themed trailer below.

Update 1.9.0 patch notes:

  • Optimisation for spawning of gems and coins
  • Optimisation for weapons that interact with pickups (Gatti Amari, Vicious Hunger, etc.)
  • Fixed red XP gems sometimes flying away and taking forever to come back
  • Fixed Coffins not spawning if the corresponding character had been unlocked via a spell
  • Fixed Crimson Shroud not triggering retaliation damage
  • Fixed a layering issue with CosmicEgg enemy
  • Fixed merchant alignment upon multiple opens
  • Fixed some particle emitters leaving gaps
  • Fixed collision shape of Valkyrie Turner
  • Fixed bought weapons in Adventures that wouldn’t always level up in the same run they had been bought
  • Fixed multiple evos of the same weapon appearing in treasure chests when only one should be present
  • Fixed some animations going at insane speed on certain monitors
  • Fixed Victory Sword not instant-killing some reapers that should have been weak to it
  • Fixed text scaling sometime being off in Stage Selection
  • Fixed display of secret characters sometime showing question marks when they shouldn’t
  • Fixed timing of events tied to music in Gallo Tower, Astral Stair, Eudamonia Machine
  • Fixed “Show Guides” option resetting after every run
  • Fixed The Directer sometime not getting counted as defeated in the Bestiary
  • Tentative fix for Linux launch issue and missing Steam Overlay
  • [MOONSPELL] Fixed time limit in Adventure Chapter 5
  • [FOSCARI] Fixed Arcana XIX – Heart of Fire sometimes not applying to Prismatic Missile
  • [FOSCARI] Optimisation for Shadow Servant at high Amount
  • [FOSCARI] Fixed Je-Ne-Viv’s World Eater’s offset
  • [EM] Fixed Mini Impostor and Impostongue appearing as level up options when they shouldn’t anymore
  • [EM] Fixed the medical scan not clearing its projectiles when the character dies
  • [EM] Fixed interaction between Just Vent and Pentagram triggering errors
  • [EM] Fixed Magnet bonus from Paranormal Scan being 10 times smaller than it should have been
  • [EM] Fixed white box shown on some maps while in Adventures
  • [MOBILE] text sizes on portrait when opening grimoire adjusted
  • [MOBILE] fix missing options button on fresh save in portrait
  • [MOBILE] fix jumping characters on ascension mobile window
  • [MOBILE] fix for merchant screen layout on some screen resolutions
  • [MOBILE] fix for Ascension animation moving parts of the UI
  • [MOBILE] fix an issue for spells sometimes not working on Android
    Other minor bugfixes, tweaks, memory optimisations
  • A lot of background work for accounts management and Cross-Save
  • (x18) Pushing this change so [new game engine] stops bugging me
  • (x6) Pushing this change because [new game engine] decided a feature was a bug

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